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Weird Science
June 29, 2009

When I rediscovered Weird Science (1985) I was happy to watch a flick that gave me that feeling of nostalgia. Instantly I began to reminisce on that year and how carefree life was for me. Damn that was such a long time ago. Got me thinking though. Would this still be a hit if the theme was reversed? If it were two teenage girls who created a twenty something year old man who would bathe with them, tantalizingly kiss and grope them, would it still be perceived as a cool flick to watch or just obscene?

Weird Science


Reminiscing of Rene & Angela
June 22, 2009

The year was 1985 when Rene & Angela belted out the classic, “I’ll Be Good“. The beat was hypnotic, the lyrics were on cue and instantly made you get on your feet. I’m  still rocking this song in my ipod and blast it to share my nostalgia for the wonderful 80’s!

Missing U Sade
June 20, 2009

Her signatures are that large forehead and those red lips; strikingly beautiful nonetheless. Her voice was sultry and filled with passion. Sade Adu, I’m totally missing you. Your music uplifted me when I took a fall. Your lyrics encouraged me when I gave up hope. Your presence is sorely missed and it hasn’t been the same without you. It’s time for your resurgence.