Weird Science

When I rediscovered Weird Science (1985) I was happy to watch a flick that gave me that feeling of nostalgia. Instantly I began to reminisce on that year and how carefree life was for me. Damn that was such a long time ago. Got me thinking though. Would this still be a hit if the theme was reversed? If it were two teenage girls who created a twenty something year old man who would bathe with them, tantalizingly kiss and grope them, would it still be perceived as a cool flick to watch or just obscene?

Weird Science


One Response

  1. Weird Science was definately a hot movie when were kids. I think you’re right when you say that if it were two girls who made a guy and bathed with him and all that it wouldn’t have been accepted. It’s a double standard. Since I’m a man, that double standard benefits me. Any woman who thinks it isn’t fair does have the option to become a man. Like Cher’s “daughter”.

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