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Second Chance for Chris Brown
July 21, 2009

He made a mistake but he isn’t the first and unfortunately he will not be the last. We all heard, cringed, and shunned Chris Brown for taking his angst upon Rihanna’s face. Photos circulated, car confiscated, and we all watched as he was arrested and went to court. We endlessly used their example of the physical abuse that men and women have in volatile relationships. Oprah allowed Tyra Banks to co-host a show about abusive relationships and then Tyra took it a step further with her own show about it. Isn’t it time to move on from this? Chris Brown is asking for another chance and although he was reading from cue cards, his voice was still sincere. He is sorry for his trespasses. Let’s not forget the lesson but move on like Rihanna has.


Ladies Love Cool James
July 9, 2009

He is known for always licking his lips but I only recall his incredible body; those abs and juicy biceps not only makes me smile but also encourages me to do my thing. He had my attention from back in the 80’s with “I’m Bad” and in my teeny-bop years, I put a picture of him on my ceiling so when I opened my eyes each day, his face was the first thing I saw. This lady loves Cool James. Since then LL Cool J has dropped other well known hits including, “Hey Lover” which I just found out on The View that LL received permission from Michael Jackson to sample “Lady in my life.” That song won LL & Boyz II Men a Grammy. Although he is retiring from Rap, LL will continue to be a prominent figure within the Hip Hop community.

Leave Michael Jackson Alone
July 8, 2009


It was a global loss with the death of Michael Jackson on June 25th. Our world watched, listened, and grieved the tragic end to such a sensational entertainer. Now its time to give this man the rest and privacy in death that he didn’t receive in life. I’m so tired of the media dissecting and analyzing everything from what killed him to whether his body was in the golden casket during his memorial service. Its trivial and disrespectful to him and his family. Lets just honor his tremendous talent that he shared with us for over forty years of his life. Other than that… LEAVE MICHAEL JACKSON ALONE.