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Thinking Of Aaliyah
August 25, 2009

She was a beautiful young starlet who had a gift that she shared with us for a short time but memorable nonetheless. We lost Aaliyah Dana Haughton on August 25, 2001 in a tragedy that was not only painful for her family but her fans as well. I’m reminiscing on her metamorphosis from a young girl into a graceful woman. I became a fan from her humble beginnings as the young protege of R. Kelly with the smashing hit, “Back & Forth.”  I watched as Aaliyah evolved from the shy girl hidden behind dark glasses and baggy clothing into the beautiful, confident woman who wore outfits made for a model. Her catchy tunes, passion for movement, and entrancing belly-dancing made her a favorite. Missing you baby girl!


MTV VMA 2009
August 25, 2009

With MTV Video Music Awards 2009 steadily approaching on September 13th at 9pm ET, they need to do their homework. I don’t know about you but I haven’t been excited to see their award shows anymore. Artists have gotten extremely lazy and leave their fans…bored! MTV should check the archives on their past performances. P Diddy’s 2002 show that was breathtaking. He was lowered down from high aptitudes and started erratically dancing. Total recall…this was his humble beginnings. I kinda felt sorry for that girl who danced with him. He pounced on home girl so hard, she fell like rocks to the ground. I know she felt his imprint for a week! Usher entered doing his best rendition of Michael Jackson and glided effortlessly across the stage. Busta Bust cranked it up with Pharrell smoothness at the side. Acrobats jumped and tossed up in the background. You cannot deny this was a great performance, one of MTV’s best! Well, we need to see some more of this otherwise I will be sleeping again for real. Lastly but definitely not the least… BRING BACK CHRIS ROCK TO HOST!!!

Maxwell Has Bad Habits
August 21, 2009

Maxwell has an indulgence and this video illustrates his “Bad Habits.”  Don’t know if a tryst with Kerry Washington is a bad thing, I’m sure the fellas will agree with me.  Ha! Perhaps it has something to do with him being in a relationship and he’s cheating. Right… right! Maxwell, does it again with his follow up to “Pretty Wings.” I’m intrigued, no doubt. Maxwell is reclaiming his throne and coveted topnotch spot since his seven year hiatus. Years may have passed but he is steadily rekindling his fans with his sensual tunes. This hotness is directed by Anthony Mandler, the mastermind behind a lot of videos like Jay Z’s “Run This Town,” Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied,” & Rihanna’s “Disturbia” just to name a few. This video is SEXY in many ways from the bedroom scenes to the breathtaking view on the terrace. Maxwell, keep them coming! And folks, let me know your thoughts…