E for Entourage


Every Sunday my heart pitapats for Entourage. Ever since its creation in 2004, I’ve been an avid fan and this season is keeping the momentum with lots of changes for our boys. Personally I’m loving the growth with the characters. Loved the old Sloan with Eric; she was a beautiful, doting girlfriend…let’s face it, she was kinda boring! The remixed version of Sloan is more bossier than Kelis and taking our red-headed boy for a whole new set of mind-trips. Got him forgetting his new gal-pal’s name.

Turtle is growing up and is heading to college, bravo! Let me not forget to add that he’s dating Jamie-Lynn Sigler (rumored to be off-screen as well). Johnny Drama is doing what only he could deliver so perfectly; making an asshole so funny he’s cool. His honesty is right on the sarcastic point…you gotta love him. Vince is still the center of the bunch and he too is metamorphosing with getting his license and learning to be alone. Tough one since the show is based on his entourage. Last but definitely NOT the least is Ari. Just thinking of this character brings a smile to my face. His salty remarks adds to the shows appeal and his berating of Llyod makes it fun to visit his office.  His honor towards his friend is bringing trouble into his bedroom with Mrs. Ari…wrong dedication if you ask me.


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  1. I agree with everything you said. I never ever really whatched Entourage until this season. I was more of “The Wire” fan. Since this season started I’ve been watching. The one thing I disagree on is the telling your wife that your friend is cheating. It is definitely none of Ari business and he held up his end of the sacride bro code. Can’t wait till next Sunday.

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