Is Jay Z Running This Town?

Back in the day when a song was hot, the video would bring it up another notch. So you could assume I was eagerly anticipating Jay Z’s new video for “Run This Town” to premiere. First time I heard this song, I was entranced with the hypnotic beats. Music speaks to my soul, what can I say. Having Mr. West was an added bonus, he’s hot! Brother can’t do wrong in my eyes.  Rihanna was a nice touch showing that she has moved on from the Chris Brown debacle. So let’s get to the video. It’s dark, dank, dungeon ridden working the edge entirely. Ri-Ri at her nasal-note best, barely dressed, showing off the gams that boosted her career into high-drive. Love her edgy do and make-up is flawless. Jay call him “Cesar in a dark Czar, follow the leader“…okay, I’m following. He still got his thing going on! Ye’ as always spitting words that make me think and envision…”What you think I rap push a f*cking Rav4″…nice! He keeps it real with his conceit! Love him for that! To conclude, I think they did a good job. The correlation between the song and video works and compliments each other. Let me know what you think!!!


4 Responses

  1. I had a chance to check the video out today and i found it to be just ok. On a scale of 1-10 i give it a 6. I guess i was looking for something else than Jay, Mr.West and Rihanna in all black in a dungon. Oh well i guess sometimes you gotta go out the box. Rihanna was looking rather dirty sexy, 😉 Kanye spits fire and Jay is still one of the most lyrically gifted cats in the game.
    BKLYN 4 EVER!!!

  2. I dont really like the darkness to much I am more of a light vs darkness person I feel jay z is still doing his thing knaye songs and verses be tight but dont like his character ri ri is th eishh 4 real she has always been a sexy pretty woman to me and her music is always good

    • The video reminds me of an updated spin off of the movie, The Warriors and Beyond the Terror Dome. I have to agree with Sheldon – its ok. None of the Carters can do no wrong in my eyes. :0) Mr. Carter likes to experiment and change up and this video is an example of him doing so. I would tune in to watch it again.

  3. I love the song… that’s my favorite rap song right now… I’m feeling that video… Rhi Rhi looking tight as always… Jay-Z wit his New York swag… And Kayne West the most talented rapper in the entire game ripping it down at the end… Did u see how Kayne was stuntin in BMW even when the world is ruined… love the song… love the video

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