Maxwell Has Bad Habits

Maxwell has an indulgence and this video illustrates his “Bad Habits.”  Don’t know if a tryst with Kerry Washington is a bad thing, I’m sure the fellas will agree with me.  Ha! Perhaps it has something to do with him being in a relationship and he’s cheating. Right… right! Maxwell, does it again with his follow up to “Pretty Wings.” I’m intrigued, no doubt. Maxwell is reclaiming his throne and coveted topnotch spot since his seven year hiatus. Years may have passed but he is steadily rekindling his fans with his sensual tunes. This hotness is directed by Anthony Mandler, the mastermind behind a lot of videos like Jay Z’s “Run This Town,” Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied,” & Rihanna’s “Disturbia” just to name a few. This video is SEXY in many ways from the bedroom scenes to the breathtaking view on the terrace. Maxwell, keep them coming! And folks, let me know your thoughts…


4 Responses

  1. Shani,
    Thanks for putting me on to that video it was super sexy & I love that song as well. Kerry Washington & Maxwell also looked Hot as well ! I hope Maxwell Succeeds…

    • Maxwell is definitely back on top!! Gotta love him!! But is it me or does the chorus or tune sound similar to The Roots “Break You Off”?

  2. The Return of Maxwell couldnt have come at a better time!!! We need this!! Music that really touches your soul! SWEET LORD!!! Pretty Wings is my jam!!!!!!!!!!! And, this joint is DOPE, as well. Wasn’t really impressed with the album, however. Regardless, I love Max’s music!! LETS GO!!

  3. Love the video… Kerry loves herself some pork (the other white meat) or she would be my wife… Maxwell is so good that he can be cheating and make females still say he is sexy… He makes women be like it’s ok… I understand…

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