MTV VMA 2009

With MTV Video Music Awards 2009 steadily approaching on September 13th at 9pm ET, they need to do their homework. I don’t know about you but I haven’t been excited to see their award shows anymore. Artists have gotten extremely lazy and leave their fans…bored! MTV should check the archives on their past performances. P Diddy’s 2002 show that was breathtaking. He was lowered down from high aptitudes and started erratically dancing. Total recall…this was his humble beginnings. I kinda felt sorry for that girl who danced with him. He pounced on home girl so hard, she fell like rocks to the ground. I know she felt his imprint for a week! Usher entered doing his best rendition of Michael Jackson and glided effortlessly across the stage. Busta Bust cranked it up with Pharrell smoothness at the side. Acrobats jumped and tossed up in the background. You cannot deny this was a great performance, one of MTV’s best! Well, we need to see some more of this otherwise I will be sleeping again for real. Lastly but definitely not the least… BRING BACK CHRIS ROCK TO HOST!!!


One Response

  1. They had an award show after Chris Rock?….
    Thats how long the show has been Whack with a capitol W… Diddy was fresh back in 2002 but he was at least still into puttin on a good show… I guessthe Bush era was more then back for our economy… we also lost out on entertainment…

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