Thinking Of Aaliyah

She was a beautiful young starlet who had a gift that she shared with us for a short time but memorable nonetheless. We lost Aaliyah Dana Haughton on August 25, 2001 in a tragedy that was not only painful for her family but her fans as well. I’m reminiscing on her metamorphosis from a young girl into a graceful woman. I became a fan from her humble beginnings as the young protege of R. Kelly with the smashing hit, “Back & Forth.”  I watched as Aaliyah evolved from the shy girl hidden behind dark glasses and baggy clothing into the beautiful, confident woman who wore outfits made for a model. Her catchy tunes, passion for movement, and entrancing belly-dancing made her a favorite. Missing you baby girl!


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  1. BABY GIRL is truly missed!! Seeing August 25th on a calendar is always a grim reminder of a young life lost.
    I remember the day so vividly when I got the news about her death. As I was driving on the FDR to meet my friend at BB Kings for a party; on the radio I was listening to Funk Master Flex give details of the accident. Once the word got out, countless celebrities called in to speak of their fond memories of such a beautiful woman.

    Entering the club, it seem liked no one heard the disturbing information because the revelers were partying as usual.
    I immediately told my friend and she was in as much shock as I was. Some moments later, the DJ stopped the music and made the sad announcement. Some women began crying and others had defeated looks on their faces. The DJ played Aaliyah’s numerous hits out of respect and to celebrate her great work.

    Her death really hit home when I saw the Rock the Boat video. The beautiful location which resemble paradise is where she met her demise.

    Aaliyah was very gifted, beautiful, made a size 00 look sexy, and she will always be remembered!! RIP Aaliyah!

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