Addicted 2 The Real Housewives of Atlanta

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

I’m abashed to admit this but I’m addicted to watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 2. Every Thursday, I’m glued to the television to peep one of Bravo’s hottest shows…can I say HOTLANTA! I’m usually NOT a fan of reality t.v. and I even wrote a post expressing my views on the lack of creativity which is the form of entertainment nowadays, but…What is it about this show? Could it be NeNe Leakes who is sporting an upgraded hairdo & fabulous color not to mention her raspy-voiced tell-it-like-it-is tendencies? She is most definitely a favorite, partially because my 10 year old cousin has been calling me by this nickname since she was an infant! Or is it Lisa Wu Hartwell who is petite-packaged but is still rough & tough and could throw someone off the couch? How about She by Sheree Whitfield who can cut you deep with her machete tongue? Got the video to prove it below! Was it the fight with Kim Zolciak and my wonder of what she would really look like without that wig? Its gotta be Xscaped Kandi Burruss…is she really going to marry that man with all those kids? I’ve concluded that it’s my plain curiosity which has led me to this show but it’s the antics of these women that has captivated me. I’m consumed!

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  1. When the show first aired I was reluctant to watch another reality show with Black people making fools of themselves for a few dollars and 15 minutes of fame or notoriety. But listening to my girlfriends rave about it, I tuned in and I was immediately sucked in. NeNe’s comical nature was definitely the deal breaker.

    Now this season, I think the drama is being constantly created. More drama equals More viewers! All these reality shows involving women play into the stereotype of women not getting along and the constant backstabbing.

    NeNe craves constant attention and drama, Sharee is catty and bitter, Lisa is sneaky, Kim needs to pull it together and Candy doesn’t need to be further associated in this fiasco. She is the only one that has a REAL JOB or CAREER and the other women have too much time on their hands!

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