Time To Man Up Kanye!!!

MTV’s Video Music Awards 2009 opened with such a poignant speech from Madonna about her friend, Michael Jackson. Janet Jackson continued the momentum with a spectacular tribute to Michael and I have to say my heart was beating so fast from the excitement. From the start, VMA’s were on high drive and I couldn’t wait to see Beyonce and Jay Z’s performances. All of this was slightly marred when Kanye West rudely interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for her win for The Best Female Video. His rudeness sent the airwaves into overdrive; Twitter and Facebook was clogged with disdainful comments about him. Now I love Kanye West’s music and I’m a huge fan but last night I lost so much respect for him. He was a HUGE disappointment! I heard today that he had apologized through Twitter a post on his blog to Taylor Swift…I’m here to say, Kanye it’s time to MAN UP! Go on national television and apologize to Taylor, MTV, and Beyonce for your barbarian outburst.


4 Responses

  1. I was so disgusted by Kanye’s actions last night. No one should ever take away anyone’s moment to shine!!
    He is continually spiraling out of control. The cockiness, boisterious atititude and now this. Kanye, your mother would not be proud, she raised you to be talented, educated and to exude class. It is a beautiful thing that we have freedom of speech to stand up for something but don’t ever be disrespectful. Thumbs down, Kanye!!

  2. I felt so bad for this girl- a teenager nonetheless winning her first VMA… I’m tempted to erase every Kanye song off my iPod over his behavior. Shame on him!

  3. I unfortunately did not see the awards show and I never look forward to the VMA’s for that reason. I mean if it wasn’t Kayne it would’ve been someone else doing a bone head stunt. However I’m just disappointed that it was him being an African American artist on a Caucasian themed show! Kanye’s Negroawdian behavior doesn’t surprise me I mean really guys its Kanye West! Let’s not forget the other Negro behavior that keeps being done on the VMA’s do we remember the Old dirty bastard stint? I could go on and on with the list of our foolish behavior! So go ahead keep it up as the WP’s aka Caucasian audience shakes there heads and shortens the list of African American”threating” Rappers added to there nomination list ! Sorry didn’t want to make it a race thing I just had to put it out there please don’t hate me guys 🙂
    FYI – the VMA’s been racist since the 80’s so why would you go on that show and disrespect all the hard work of the past rappers before you to get you even invited or even a nomination ! Kanye West needs a history lesson in the words of CHRIS ROCK he was being a NIGGA !

  4. The Kayne thing wasnt a big deal to me… So what if he was rude… better for Kayne to be rude to one female singer then the disrespect that comes out of most rappers mouths toward all females… it’s very silly to me for us to even put a drunkin KAYNE down… He was drinkin HENNY all night… He had so much HENNY that he had half the VMA’s drunk they say… I agree that this was KAYNE at his worst… But Kayne at his worse is still better then other rappers at their best… Which is more damaging… Kayne being rude to taylor swift or lil wayne being rude saying he just wants to F@#k every girl in the world” ?

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