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Jay Z Got An Empire State of Mind
October 30, 2009

I couldn’t wait to see the “Empire State of Mind” video which happens to be a favorite from Jay Z’s Blueprint 3 album. No one can deny that this  song is a hot one and that hook could entrance you into doing things…shout out to lil Mama! But on the real, I love Jay’s accolade to the city that never sleeps and inspired him to become one of the greatest. Now onto the video which pleasantly surprised me with the black & white theme. Would have loved to see all of Alicia’s appearances in color though, (enjoyed it finally at the end of the video). I’m always appreciative when artists puts images that conveys their lyrics in the videos, so naturally I enjoyed the flashes of the Brooklyn Bridge, Yankee Stadium, Empire State Building & respectfully the 9/11 Memorial to name a few. Liked the small cameo of Spike Lee but would’ve preferred to see a snippet of Rihanna getting off a motorcycle when Jay rapped, “good girls gone bad” as an ode to her last album. Overall, I thought it was a good follow-up to Run This Town. What do you think?


Is It Cool 2 Be The Voice of Reason?
October 17, 2009

Shang Drinks at Madeline's by ayneglina on flickr

Have you ever gone out with your friends and had a great time drinking/socializing but after awhile noticed that they were completely inebriated and wonder how it happened so quickly? Then you recall all the hook ups when they were treated to free drinks and people don’t usually turn down freebies but you know that mixing alcoholic beverages instantly increases intoxication.  Drinking and driving is on your mind and you know your peeps couldn’t perform rationally behind a wheel. So you contemplate over whether you check on them to make sure they’re functional or just ignore your qualms and allow them to continue with their boisterous display. Well I did what many would NOT do and confronted them. No drunk likes to hear the voice of reason, so I was basically flaked off by one person as they turned their back to me in mid sentence and the other couldn’t wait to run into the bathroom to escape my concern. Their responses brought me to question…Is it cool to be the voice of reason?

Tyson, Do We Care???
October 13, 2009


Do we really care about the haps of Mike Tyson? I for one haven’t even noticed his disappearance from sports or the limelight. Oprah featured him on the October 12th show and me, being an avid fan,  subjected myself to…yawn… painstakingly watching as he mumbled answers about his past. Yes, she asked about Robin Givens (manic depressive thing), the Holyfield-Tyson fight (ear thing), and the lost of a child (unfortunate & sad circumstance). She even plugged his documentary, Tyson. But other than that…I was bored! Tyson is obviously leading a more sedentary lifestyle with the noticeable weight gain and 3rd marriage. But I’m not convinced. He may be a dormant volcano but if tampered, he will erupt. And that darn tattoo doesn’t help one bit!