Wendy Williams, How U Doing???

Wendy WilliamsShe’s big, bold, and completely delicious! She was the Queen of the radio for many years bringing us bodacious gossip and provided a much needed escapism. Now she’s a heavy contender on the talk show circuit delivering it to us in color! Wendy Williams is synonymously known for keeping it real about all things whether it’s genuine or fake! Our girl never dilutes hers but serves it sugar-coated which happens to be her most appealing quality. For this past week all the talk shows featured Chris Rock alone or accompanied by the fabulous Nia Long promoting his documentary Good Hair; naturally Oprah Winfrey was the first to talk with Chris and made it interesting when she allowed him to rummage her lovely locks. Chris basically was repeating the same dialog with each interviewer and after Oprah, I was bored until Wendy. She pulled out a piece of gossip about him and Nia that was unknown until now. Sending a BIG THANKS to Wendy for spicing up my mornings!


4 Responses

  1. I agree with you Shani. Wendy has made my mornings very interesting! How you doin’?

  2. Shani , you know I have loved Wendy Williams since I was in Junior high and she was on kiss FM on the mornings yes I took it back LOL ! She makes my night since I cant catch her at the am hour I have to wait to 10pm if I’m not busy watching something else or then i have to wait all the way til Mid bc that damn Monique show is on ! I LOVE WENDY WILLIAMS dysfunctional, wild over the top audience and gossip just what i need to help my day 🙂

  3. Yes, Wendy gives you the interview that you really want! She is not trying to be your friend!!! She is doing her job which is entertaining her audience.
    Since Wendy’s life is an open book, she might come off as probing or just damn nosey. LOL Sitting on her couch is similiar to Oprah’s because those women make you spill the beans. LOL
    Ms. Williams is multi-talented and I look forward to watching her show each day. How U Doing????

    By the way, thanks for that video clip- Nia is funnnnnnnnyy!!

  4. Wendy Williams show is a must whatch out here in Miami. Her radio morning show never transmit down here in Florida, but through Youtube and her show she had on E! I have been somewhat familuar with her. Very entertaining. It seems like the show gets better with each episode.

    I agree with the Chris Rock Nina Long interview. It had an added element to the repetitive show that Chris Rock gave to Oprah, the View, and the other talk show circuits. “I know where to get some dick” comment from Nina Long had me almost in tears of laughter and of realization that if I was in the same situation, I would have probably given a wrong number to although she is oh so hella fine. She tried to give a half ass answer until Chris kept it 100.

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