Tyson, Do We Care???


Do we really care about the haps of Mike Tyson? I for one haven’t even noticed his disappearance from sports or the limelight. Oprah featured him on the October 12th show and me, being an avid fan,  subjected myself to…yawn… painstakingly watching as he mumbled answers about his past. Yes, she asked about Robin Givens (manic depressive thing), the Holyfield-Tyson fight (ear thing), and the lost of a child (unfortunate & sad circumstance). She even plugged his documentary, Tyson. But other than that…I was bored! Tyson is obviously leading a more sedentary lifestyle with the noticeable weight gain and 3rd marriage. But I’m not convinced. He may be a dormant volcano but if tampered, he will erupt. And that darn tattoo doesn’t help one bit!


3 Responses

  1. I actually thought I didn’t care as well and I also didn’t get why Oprah was doing the interview. But after watching I got sucked in and I felt it showed me a better insight of who he really was/ is and I also felt It helped me to see that People can really changed he seemed like he is working on not being so self destructive which I think age & maturity had alot to do with it.. It was also great seeing him in tears as Oprah tends to do ! I hope he does well with the 2nd chance at life , God bless

  2. I thought it was great that he came forward and spoke about his feelings and where they stemmed from. I learned alot of things about him that I never knew. Hopefully now at 43 he can have some peace of mind and I think that’s what he’s striving for.

  3. Shani, you must not be an avid boxing fan or sports lover.
    Tyson has had an interesting journey and it was sad to see how his career was reduced to what it was. He opened up to Oprah and seeing things from his perspective instead of the media with their agenda was enlightening. Tyson spiraled out of control when his manager died because he did not have people looking out for his best interests. From the interview, it is clear that he still has emotional problems that need to be dealt with. I hope that he gets the help that he desperately needs because everyone has pitfalls but our true character shows how we rise above it.

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