Is It Cool 2 Be The Voice of Reason?

Shang Drinks at Madeline's by ayneglina on flickr

Have you ever gone out with your friends and had a great time drinking/socializing but after awhile noticed that they were completely inebriated and wonder how it happened so quickly? Then you recall all the hook ups when they were treated to free drinks and people don’t usually turn down freebies but you know that mixing alcoholic beverages instantly increases intoxication.  Drinking and driving is on your mind and you know your peeps couldn’t perform rationally behind a wheel. So you contemplate over whether you check on them to make sure they’re functional or just ignore your qualms and allow them to continue with their boisterous display. Well I did what many would NOT do and confronted them. No drunk likes to hear the voice of reason, so I was basically flaked off by one person as they turned their back to me in mid sentence and the other couldn’t wait to run into the bathroom to escape my concern. Their responses brought me to question…Is it cool to be the voice of reason?


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  1. no one likes to be the grown up, the voice of reason. but i TRUE friend will do it. even sometimes a so so friend will do it. cuz guess what, if you dont maybe your friend wont think about their state, maybe they will now that youve brought it up maybe they wont, but youve brought it up. imagine your grief if you didnt and they went home driving and died…
    then you would of wished you had said something…

  2. It doesn’t matter if its cool or not!! I could care less if anyone likes being told the truth!! That is why when I go out in NYC we take the train there & a cab home. No excuses or explaination needed or you stay your tail home!! Here in VA when we go out someone ALWAYS is the designated driver & they get to drink soda or water ALL night long knowing they are protecting thier friends but next time the driver is a different person so that we all get turns to party. This IS the way it is in MY world end of story, if you claim to be a friend & don’t like it you are NOT welcome in my world!!! I work in a hospital need I say more?

  3. It would be nice if towns, cities and states created a car service for their elderly and their drivers who may be tired or intoxicated. We have been dealing with this issue as a nation for over 50 years. Its time to figure something out.

    Many of America’s larger cities have public transportation -most of which needs to be improved, but none the less, it is available. In smaller towns and cities the options are extremely limited.

    We are in a recession, with needs of services. The need is to get our family members home safely. Some areas do not have taxis. If there are car services in nearby towns, costs for a short trip are expensive.
    We can get our local areas to allocate funds and create a small fleet of drivers, perhaps starting with some members of MADD who will get a stipend, a payment or credit to drive those in need. This type of action helps America in several ways. It helps Safety by getting tired and drunk drivers off the road, and can help Stimulate Spending as an elderly person may shop longer and get more if they don’t have to worry about carrying it a long way. And they tend to feel more safe and secure being accompanied, versus being alone on the bus. It can even be good in cities like NYC because of that. And it helps to Stimulate the Economy by paying the drivers.

    I would love to see this come to fruition through investors, grants or legislation.

  4. Drinking and driving is totally inexcusable. I had an uncle who was killed by a drunk driver. There should always be a designated driver, or a friend who will tell you that you’ve had too much to drink. There are now many bars who now offer free cab fare to patrons who have had too much to drink, in order to keep from being sued. Know your limit! It could save your life, or the life of a loved one…

  5. I love the voice of reason don’t want it on the conscience the next day if some tragedies occur out of it ! And remember god bless the one who didn’t stay quiet ! You did the right thing and I would have done the same if the shoe was on the other foot ! If you truly are the other persons friend or even a looker on you should always say something I have done it many times b4 to strangers as well as friends !

  6. You did the right thing. Just last week an 11yr old girl was killed by the driver of the vehicle – if only someone showed the same concern!

  7. I agree to some extent about what was said. However, sometimes its all in the perception of the individual. You stated that it was early and they were getting free drinks. Did you see them b4 they left? Were you absolutely sure they got behind the wheel and drove home that night? You said one ran into the bathroom to avoid your question could it have just been she/he needed to really used the bathroom? Never feel you cannot come to a true friend and express your concerns. But just an fyi if your friend is really drunk they won’t be able to answer your questions anyway. I agree getting drunk and driving is not good thats why i love the fact that i have friends like aka “paris” to do the driving for me…love your blog keep it up

  8. You did the right thing. Lately, women have been involved in many fatal DWI accidents. Perhaps, they could have been prevented if someone had spoke up and taken action. The voice of reason is the way to go. I am sure the family would thank you. Whether it is free drinks or paid drinks that makes a person drunk someone should alert the inebriated individual that they are losing it. Get thefriends to take the car keys or be the designated driver. I believe the commercial states friends don’t let friends drive drunk!

  9. if i was drunk out my mind and someone let me drive home i would be mad at them the next day if i made it… i have a child and if i get wasted like that my friends better make sure i get home so i can see my son again… the voice of reason is like the voice of the truth… and you know what they say about the truth… ” Truth Hurts” So i guess everything i say hurts… cause it is i… a Man of Truth… lol… 1luv

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