A Precious Eyeopener

The time has come and I’ve been patiently waiting in the mist for Precious to surface. November 6th is just a few days away and my heart is already rapidly beating from the excitement that I’m going to feel about this movie. Just from the trailer you can see that it’s dark, painful, and enlightening all in the same flick. Won’t be surprised if sniffles are echoing in the theater; not expecting a dry eye…okay, excluding the men! But this heart wrenching tale is going to be a whopper to swallow and a performance to remember; there’s word that Oscar is buzzing! What’s the logistics? Mo’Nique spitting fire and pitching blows; Gabourey Sidibe beaten but not broken; Paula Patton a nurturing forefront; Mariah Carey without make up but making sense! Let’s not forget that it’s derived from a Sapphire novel, directed by Lee Daniels and supported by two of the most influential entertainers, Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry. Oh yeah…the countdown is on!!!


2 Responses

  1. I want to see this movie… no movie has made me cry yet… could this be the one… i thought it was a true story… miss anona… when are u gonna go see it?

  2. “Push” is an emotionally powerful but disturbing novel and I was turned onto this book by my former students in 2002.
    One day, during recess I saw the trouble maker girls huddled in a corner having a deep discussion. So I thought to myself what are these kids up to now and I don’t get paid enough for this!! LOL
    Doing my job, I had to walked over there and see what was brewing. “I know you are not doing any gang activity over here”
    I said slyly. They laughed hysterically and explained that they were having a disagreement about something that happened in a book.

    I was so astounded by their response I said “Let me see THIS BOOK that you all are arguing about!!.” When they continued on with the debate I became engrossed in the conversation. My interest was now piqued and one of the young ladies who just completed it, let me borrow it. I finished the novel in two days.

    It was heart breaking to read about Precious’s tumultous journey of being illiterate, abused and self -deprecatory .
    I had my stepdaughter read it this summer and she too felt the same emotions that I did. Hearing her share the contents of the book with her cousins brought me back to the memory of how I was introduced to “Push”.

    In 2007, I went to be an extra in this movie so I am definitely excited to see it and see who stole my role. LOL

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