Video Phone Remix, Another Show-stopper?

Beyonce, the unconquerable, dropped the “Video Phone Remix” featuring Lady Gaga. Let’s just say this is the first video that I would label as her most provocative to date and it’s definitely intended for her adult admirers. Beyonce wasn’t afraid to flaunt her muscular curves throughout this video and readily displayed her ultra-fabulous gams in every scene…I think she should insure her legs over Mariah! With the multiple costume changes coupled with her famous gyrating, it’s hard to blink an eye because you don’t want to miss a second of this…especially her homage to Betty Page which was awesome! Loved the vibrant colors and it was refreshing to see her partnered with male dancers…don’t get me wrong, “Single Ladies” was hot but anything beyond that was redundant. Was slightly disappointed not to see Lady Gaga in an ostentatious outfit which is a big part of her appeal but since she kept up with Beyonce’s limber movements…it’s all good.  Capital T for tantalizing and H for hotness, pretty sure this video is going to make this song clog the airwaves for a long time…which is just another reminder that Beyonce is a powerhouse to be reckoned with.


One Response

  1. Finally, Bee came correct with something DIFFERENT!!! I was starting to wonder about my girl in the creativity department which she is know for stepping outside of the box. But after “Single Ladies”; all the videos were seeming repetitious with the 2 girls dancing in the background, reminiscent of her Destiny’s Child days.

    I agree I did miss Ms. Gaga’s outrageous outfits which is part of her celebrity persona. You don’t know why she wears what she does but its certainly intriguing and often hilarious. LOL
    And Bee was definitely poppin’ those curves. LOL
    Overall, I love the video and it will absolutely get plenty of various media rotation with Mrs. Carter and Lady Gaga.

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