Is Diddy Done???

There was a time when everything that was stamped with his name or infamous cameos were destined to be a hit. Biggie & Mase were a few but clearly those times and wonders are a thing of his past. He told us before that he won’t stop but after watching his latest effort…I’m begging Diddy to cease! Let’s just say Dirty Money’s “Love Come Down” isn’t making mine fall like what Evelyn Champagne King once did for me in the 80’s. To be completely honest, Diddy really never had rhyming skills but at least his past efforts were sincerely better than this new slow tempo talking…could it be blamed on those grills in his mouth? I mean we have to blame it on something! This video doesn’t compliment this song if that was even possible. It’s mainly dark, chime-ridden set makes it difficult to see the singers faces even with those annoying flashing lights…or is that the point? Damn…I really don’t have much more to add to this wack song/video. Musically Diddy, you’re DONE!!


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