Take 2 Alicia!!!

When I first saw “Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart,” I wasn’t impressed. It had superficial outtakes of our superwoman healing a dying dog and blasting off into the sky; after witnessing Alicia climbing mountains in stilettos in “Doesn’t Mean Anything,” let’s just say that I was greatly disappointed. But after giving this song/video a second look-see, I’m definitely recanting my first thoughts and delving much deeper in the meaning behind Alicia’s second effort. The lyrics are based on living with a broken heart and the video compliments it beautifully. Instead of showcasing the deception of someone cheating on her, it has a sort of Hancock theme where Alicia’s love cannot be too close due to her special powers. It’s definitely painful to be in love with someone and not be with them. The make up is flawless as if someone could actually add anymore beauty to the stunning Ms. Keys. I was especially feeling the lilac lips to match that purple one-piece and her fabulous updo with the backless dress. I will add that Alicia does need to practice walking in those heels if she’s wants to sell the look and to please learn to rock those curvaceous hips…yikes! Still in all, I’m totally feeling Alicia’s Take 2!!!


One Response

  1. i love the video… 1,000x better then her last video… she is the female from hancock… i still think she could be hittin a lil harder then her first two songs… she needs to step it up a lil… not feeling that her first two songs are both about being broken hearted… never the less… i am still looking forward to her album…

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