Going GaGa!!!

She made us look. Whether it was on the VMA or AMA, our eyes were cemented on the Lady GaGa show. She’s NOT the typical pop princess that we’ve become acquainted with…no Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera but she exudes the same fervor. She’s an exhibitionist and her clothes & videos are plainly her art of expression. I could see her being the ultimate dream for extraordinary designers like John Galliano or Alexander McQueen but Lady GaGa takes full claim of her flamboyant style. GaGa has been taking risks and pushing envelops since stepping on the scene and breaking barriers with her signature uniqueness. One is never bored with her radical displays and whether it’s disturbing or just down right crazy, Lady GaGa commandeers our attention!


2 Responses

  1. I loveee Lady GAGA and what I love most about her is that her manager is Akon ! A black man was responsible for this off the hook drag queenie figure ! And she actually has talent she can sing and dance and play the piano she is classically trained at that who knew ! She is so over the top and u cant help but look LOL ! After seeing her on the AMA’s the next few acts were kinda boring lol who can top lighting your piano on fire lol ! Love the world of GAGA šŸ™‚

  2. Some fantastic insights there. Great job and maybe when I have time, I’ll come back and read some more of your blog.

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