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Adieu, Ugly Betty
January 28, 2010

It’s always a somber occasion to watch a series finale. Like with any employee, losing your job during this rough & tumble economy is truly a devastating experience…even for actors. So I was sadden by the news that Ugly Betty was the next sitcom to be placed on the chopping block. Over the past 4 years I’ve discovered the beauty in her ugliness. From the catastrophes, misguidance, and blunders that Betty experienced, she always remained steadfast and triumphant even when suffering a tremendous loss. Her messages were always crystal…perseverance leads to succession. And in this season, I simply adored the adult story lines surrounding the characters which gave me a sense of growth…”The Bahamas Triangle,” episode was a definite favorite with all the sexual healing that was going on! It’s extremely hard to say goodbye; especially, when this show has become a weekday ritual to watch and giggle at the sardonic jibes that Betty would have to endure.  Here’s to hoping that in the end Betty finally gets those braces removed and shares her first unbraced kiss with her true love…her former boss, Daniel! Hubba-hubba!


Losing Teddy…
January 26, 2010

I wasn’t familiar with Teddy Pendergrass when he chimed in with Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes. The Teddy I knew was after his unfortunate accident that left him paralyzed in 1982. But this group produced many sensational hits which were raves in the early 70’s and some when I was just a little pup! Mama’s heavy rotations helped me to become acquainted with their music and some of her favs: “If You Don’t Know Me By Now,”  “Bad Luck,” “Wake Up Everybody.” Even when Teddy began a solo career he continued to sing those velvety tunes that we like to call…baby-making music! “Close The Door,” “Come Go With Me,” “Turn Off The Lights,” “When Somebody Loves You Back.” Umm..Teddy was a classic, a true rhythm & blues man and his presence will be sorely missed.

Is Your Friendship Real or Counterfeit?
January 25, 2010

A great friendship is like a designer bag…it’s a beautiful, special item in your life that’s worth sheltering. You know the bags that are delicately placed on the top shelves of your closet in a duster. I have a few girlfriends and I covet my special relationships with each of them. So I have my crème de la crème home-girls who are like my Louis Vuitton bags, the most expensive and extremely valuable pieces of luxury that I own. And with these relationships it took years to nurture and are filled with love, respect, and devotion for one another. These women are my sisters from other mothers’ and as confidants, I truly cherish their opinions and they are the driving forces in my life.

On my next shelf I have my gal-pals who are like my Marc by Marc Jacobs bags…eclectic shapes and dazzling colors that go with specific outfits. Not an everyday bag but most definitely reliable one without a doubt! She’s someone who I have special ties with and no matter what, we can always count on each other for support.

My bottom shelf houses the throw-back bags which are a simple bag that was on sale and mainly used for storage. To be clear, this would represent my sunshine chickettes who appear sporadically and although imitation is regarded as the highest degree of flattery, I don’t do counterfeits. These women are my associates, cool peeps to hang out with on occasions but not a true friend. So this poses my closing question…is your friendship real or counterfeit?