On To The Next One

I don’t know about you but I’m so feeling Jay with The Blueprint 3 album. I guess I could call this next drop on December 31st coincidental because I was jumping around like a fool on New Year’s Eve to this song! From the first time I heard “On To The Next One” it became a favorite…Swizz really but his Beatz on this track! Again, Jay provided another black & white theme but I’m not bored with it! I love the crispness of the video and makes it stand out more than if it were in color. That crazy dude with the painted face made me think of Heath Ledger as The Joker on the real! Love, love, love, his lyric, “Yeah I got on flip flops…white Louie boat shoes…ya’ll should grow the f**k up…come here let me coach you.” Please school them Jay that it’s still manly to wear sandals on the beach or a yacht! I know many of the fellas will disagree but I still respect that Jay could take it there!


4 Responses

  1. Love it also! Some of the peeps at my house on NYE were not happy, didn’t get Jay~Z’s video but I loved how he used references to the Crow, Joker, the other Karate flick whose name I can’t remember now in it. Swiss is da man & once again I loved it!!

  2. The song if fiyah and I love the video.
    I am also a fan of the same lyrics “Yeah I got on flip flops…white Louie boat shoes…ya’ll should grow the f**k up…come here let me coach you.” Most likely, this summer we will see more men rock flip flops. LOL

    Jay sets the precedent for the streets.
    At a time, everyone wanted to order Cristal just because Hova made it look cool and lavish, although we could not afford it. There is another one of his “set the tone” lyrics from an older song where he mentioned that sport jerseys are played out; and now that style is non- existent. HaHa
    Jay Z is the man, what other musical icon has that type of power?

  3. I know I’m late with this, but I did not like the video. I honestly do not see what the video has to do with the song. Then for Jay to say….something about what he going to do next scares me ( not literally). The line about the flip flops I do like. I remember Cam’ron stated a line in his rap song about Jay rocking flip flops in the summer I guess he was answering back.

  4. I love this video, my sons and i were watching this the other day and enjoyed..it is very avant-garde and visually stimulating…he is appealling to a different audience with this video, namely the younger kids coming up into the emo styles and stuff..I am a big Jay Z fan, not only for his lyrical content and wittyness but also for his innovative style and not limiting himself to just the “hip hop” crowd but to different genres in music

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