Time 2 Get Carried Away

Where are my girls at? Cause I am so ready for the 2nd installment of the Sex and the City franchise! I’ve got a snippet of the movie and I’m already bedazzled with the make-up, clothing, and the mecca of all that is fashion, New York City!! Although the trailer is fascinating to watch, it doesn’t divulge any secrets about what our heroine and her circle of friends will encounter. So I’m naturally curious about what the dramatic arks in the sequel will be, so here are some of my guesses: Now that Carrie married Big, will they have wedding bliss or will things change between them now that they said I dos? Now that they repaired their marriage, will Miranda have another baby and be forced to choose between family and her career? Charlotte has the family she’s always coveted but will she want to have something to herself like starting a new business venture? Now that Samantha has broken tides with Smith Jerrod and returned to NYC, will she have any regrets if he moves onto another fabulous woman or will she find a new beau for her cougarlicious mix? May 28, 2010 I will find the answers!!!


One Response

  1. Wow, was that trailer short or is it just me?!!
    I need more details, I need more details!!
    The suspense is killing me!
    (and yes, I am yelling with all the exclamation points) LOL

    I have no idea what twists and turns lie in this highly anticipating cinematic event. Yes, it is an event! :0)

    There is not enough info or images for me to make a valid prediction but I definitely can see

    . that the ladies have jetsetted overseas. Egypt or India, maybe? The ladies usually take mini vacations but to see them far away from American soil should be entertaining.
    (Mexico is not that far.LOL)

    . they are all being applauded as they step out into flashing lights- maybe Carrie wrote another book about the lives of her and her girlfriends.

    . that divulging of the daily dish still continues in hip eateries or chic lounges.

    Wait, I may have a prediction. Maybe there might be a riff or a feeling of being left out because Samantha is the only single lady.

    I tried people! I didn’t have much to work with. LOL

    Can’t wait until May 28th!

    P.S. Love the Empire State of Mind playing in the background. Jay is getting constant rotation and riches.

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