Mariah, Blame It On The Alcohol?

Just saw Mariah Carey broadcasted on the news this morning trying to accept an award for her role in the movie Precious accompanied by Lee Daniels. Let’s just put it out there, her speech was disturbing. When questioned about her troubles on the stage, MiMi blamed it on the alcohol. She claimed she had some drinks at the table and hadn’t eaten yet. Do we believe this? I don’t! This was the third time I witnessed Mrs. Cannon showcase unusual behavior on television for the world to see. First was her luke performance on the Oprah Winfrey Show where she could barely perform her own song; then her salacious conduct with her husband was just crude…you were interviewed by Oprah, not Jerry Springer! Second was when she was on The View and just looked lost and missed a beat to put Barbara Walters in her place when she questioned, “Did Nick buy that ring for you?” Mariah, this is nothing but love for you mama…seek help immediately!


One Response

  1. I honestly think she was drunk, I have heard stories of her becoming a bit of a lush but either way she does need help. Its really time for her to retire and adopt some kids and move on ! No one likes a falling Diva ! This last cd was less then stella and I was very disappointed. I really do believe that sometimes you should bow out gracefully ,then that way if she retired we wouldn’t see her loopy behavior bc she will be off the radar ! (sidebar that goes for JLo & Janet to retire as well) .

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