Is Your Friendship Real or Counterfeit?

A great friendship is like a designer bag…it’s a beautiful, special item in your life that’s worth sheltering. You know the bags that are delicately placed on the top shelves of your closet in a duster. I have a few girlfriends and I covet my special relationships with each of them. So I have my crème de la crème home-girls who are like my Louis Vuitton bags, the most expensive and extremely valuable pieces of luxury that I own. And with these relationships it took years to nurture and are filled with love, respect, and devotion for one another. These women are my sisters from other mothers’ and as confidants, I truly cherish their opinions and they are the driving forces in my life.

On my next shelf I have my gal-pals who are like my Marc by Marc Jacobs bags…eclectic shapes and dazzling colors that go with specific outfits. Not an everyday bag but most definitely reliable one without a doubt! She’s someone who I have special ties with and no matter what, we can always count on each other for support.

My bottom shelf houses the throw-back bags which are a simple bag that was on sale and mainly used for storage. To be clear, this would represent my sunshine chickettes who appear sporadically and although imitation is regarded as the highest degree of flattery, I don’t do counterfeits. These women are my associates, cool peeps to hang out with on occasions but not a true friend. So this poses my closing question…is your friendship real or counterfeit?


One Response

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that runs deeps. Now your “friends” are trying to figure out what bag category they belong in. LOL

    When we are young, we loosely and innocently call everyone our BFF or buddy. As we become older, we quickly realize that not everyone deserves that precious title because there are many different levels of camaraderie.

    In my life, I have my “Birkins”, :0) those few comrades are my most cherised, sought after and hard to obtain. Many wish or pray that they could have that bond or should I say bag. LOL

    Next on the totem pole, would be my work tote. They have weathered the storm (years), had plenty of laughs, arguments and experiences. Just like work, if I had a “vacation” from them, when I return we just picked up where we left off.

    In conclusion, is the associate, we speak/email/text sporadically. That friend might compare to my clubbing or going out to eat bag, a clutch. It’s cute, but not alot fits inside and you only think about it when it time to make do with it.

    If you want to sustain the relationships or maintain the appearance of your bags, no matter what level- they all need cultivating and care. I know that I am too somebody’s Birkin, work tote and clutch. It is great to know that you have people in your corner from different aspects in life. And those who didn’t make any list, are not your FRIEND.

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