Adieu, Ugly Betty

It’s always a somber occasion to watch a series finale. Like with any employee, losing your job during this rough & tumble economy is truly a devastating experience…even for actors. So I was sadden by the news that Ugly Betty was the next sitcom to be placed on the chopping block. Over the past 4 years I’ve discovered the beauty in her ugliness. From the catastrophes, misguidance, and blunders that Betty experienced, she always remained steadfast and triumphant even when suffering a tremendous loss. Her messages were always crystal…perseverance leads to succession. And in this season, I simply adored the adult story lines surrounding the characters which gave me a sense of growth…”The Bahamas Triangle,” episode was a definite favorite with all the sexual healing that was going on! It’s extremely hard to say goodbye; especially, when this show has become a weekday ritual to watch and giggle at the sardonic jibes that Betty would have to endure.  Here’s to hoping that in the end Betty finally gets those braces removed and shares her first unbraced kiss with her true love…her former boss, Daniel! Hubba-hubba!


One Response

  1. I was actually prepared for it too end bc when they start moving shows dates and time that is usually the next step ! I hate when I get attached to a show and they just end it like that ! It will be missed…..

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