Tickled P!nk

We were introduced in 2000 with her hit, “There You Go” and I was smitten by this white girl with a pink pixie and a black singer’s voice…yeah, I said it! I remember my best friend and I were trying to figure out if she was mixed or what cause she was delivering some sista-girl lyrics and her music was definitely considered R&B…with a pop feel! Not surprising since Can’t Take Me Home was a LaFace production. It was a fantastic début and P!nk became an artist in my heavy rotation!

When I heard the news that P!nk wanted leave LaFace to revamp her image and create songs, I was skeptical without a doubt. I wanted her to continue to sing those songs that spoke to my soul and I didn’t think she would be as successful. Linking with Linda Perry, P!nk’s second effort was complete resilience. When M!ssundaztood dropped “Get The Party Started” I realized P!nk had made the right decision. Her music was re-branded punk-rock and it was sizzling! All the changes were positive, even down to the fading pink hair… awesome!

So it isn’t a surprise to me that P!nk still holds my attention with Funhouse. Her music is relatable and I honor artists for displaying their emotions  in songs, whether it’s suffering from a break up, admitting an addiction, or just putting “Stupid Girls” on blast! LOL. With each album effort she has grown both musically and professionally…and I’m just tickled P!nk!!!!


One Response

  1. “I Don’t Believe You” blows me away. I heard for the 1st time on Oprah today and I cried. Now I’ve watched the video for the 1st time and I cried again! I see why her husband got back together with her after hearing this song!

    I’ve followed Pink’s career from the beginning and for 10 years, she has evolved immensely. I’m truly happy for her.

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