You Talk 2 Much!!!

Have you ever had a long day and couldn’t wait to get home to unload…so you were grateful when the elevator was empty so you didn’t have to talk to anyone or stop on any extra floors…but then the elevator goes down instead of up and that sista who loves to hear the sound of her voice comes aboard… you realize that you’re trapped cause she lives two floors above you…so after a deep breath you say, “how you doing?” and after the words leaves your mouth you realize you made A BIG MISTAKE cause she starts telling you her life story…she bypasses the inclement weather and starts with how she’s back in school…missed how many days at work…on a diet and how much weight she lost…complaining about the laundry room…yada yada yada! Well for this situation, the Run-DMC classic comes to mind, “You Talk Too Much”  Boy it’s so hard to be polite sometimes! LOL


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