Who’s That Girl???

Ladies and Gents, if you don’t know who’s that girl…allow me to introduce you to Ms. Esperanza Spalding.  She’s young, smart, beautiful, and an extremely talented musician. She has reintroduced this neophyte back to jazz where Cassandra Wilson has left off!  I must be maturing these days because jazz music has been speaking so deeply to my soul. Now before my Hip Hop cohorts dismiss this post, its great to be a connoisseur of all types of music. Different genres provides motivation for me in unique areas.  My rap songs are on blast when I’m either on my exercise grind or what to roll my wheels with some finesse! R&B tunes fill the air when moms is rolling or I feel like attempting to sing…hey, it’s in the privacy of my own vehicle so it’s cool! LOL.  My slow intensive jams or jazzy delights are on my playlist when its time to concentrate; in more ways than one, you dig? As a writer, music is a fundamental part of my creativity. It encourages intuitive thoughts which is a great thing! So check out the video and let me know what you think about the mesmerizing Esperanza Spalding.


One Response

  1. That’s a great name by the name. GREAAAAAt name :)))

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