Death at a Funeral

Spring 2010 is going to be awesome entertainment wise! There are so many films that are on my watch and I’ve just added another with Death at a Funeral. If you love movies that are jam-packed with comedians like Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, you are going to love this flick too! Let me address the hit-list of celebrities: Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, and Tracy Morgan…need I say more? Nice combo if you ask me and its rounded off with Loretta Divine, Zoe Saldana, and Danny Glover. Making a movie with death as the central point is challenging…remember Kingdom Come? That movie almost brought death to many careers! But with Death at a Funeral, I feel optimistic that it will bring some light to the a serious situation and be a hit!


2 Responses

  1. It looks great I didn’t get to see Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins or Kingdom Come but I would love to See the dynamic comedic flow of Martin ,Tracy and Chris ! Thank you for the update Cant wait 🙂

  2. This movie is such a waste of comedic talent. Chris Rock’s character needs to take a little advice from Martin’s character and “have a little fun”. Never seen the original, so I’m not comparing it to anything. I just though it would be much funnier considering the cast.

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