I Dig Diggy Simmons!!!

Haven’t seen Diggy Simmons lately unless I’m watching reruns of Run’s House. But I’m definitely hearing Diggy each morning on 105.1 when Ed Lover raves about his new record deal. Just the snippet that is played I can say that I dig Diggy Simmons! His song is catchy and it is making me take a look! Diggy is growing fast…braces have vanished as well as the baby voice, he now sports extra straightened pearly whites and a deeper tone. Diggy has always been a fly youngster so it’s no surprise that he is icy cool with his! Loved the shout outs in this skit…God reference, son of a King which of course is the ode to dad, Nas and even Bow-wow!  Can’t wait to hear whats in store for us!


One Response

  1. Awww, Go ahead, Diggy!!!
    He always had that extra something about him, SWAGGER is what you call it.
    From rocking his preppy look, doing his dance moves and creating his own blog
    This youngster has a promising future and I am a definitely a fan!!

    I am digging Diggy, too!! :0)

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