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Heartbreaks That Sounds So Good!!!
June 13, 2010

For starters, the videos featured in this post are old but still rocking when played. It’s no secret that I’m a music lover and video enthusiast. You can tell, right? LOL. To me, a video can catapult a song into high-drive if done correctly. I always appreciate when a music video correlates with the artist’s song; it forms a story and makes it more intriguing to watch.

When Keyshia Cole dropped “(I Just Want It) To Be Over” back in 2005, this song/video instantly became a fly heartbreak anthem for women. Check out Keyshia’s flaming red hair and curvaceous figure…girl was bad!!!

Ashanti had many hits, it was actually hard to choose just one. I picked a 2003 smasher, “Rain On Me” because of the important storyline about abusive relationships. And having Larenz Tate starring was an added bonus cause he was looking so ever fine; got me a little love jones for him!

As far back as I can remember, Usher has been transmitting sincere messages from his heart in his music. His 2001 hit “U Got It Bad” showed us a man’s perspective with dealing with a bad break-up. It was quite refreshing to see him with Chilli again.


He Has Me Saying OMG!!!
June 12, 2010

He is back y’all! Usher has got my attention with this catchy follow-up album to the lukewarm, Here I stand; believe me when I say, Usher was left standing alone with that one! I was incredibly disappointed with that album and decided that I would no longer purchase an album just because of the name attached to it.  So when Usher dropped his latest, Raymond V Raymond back in March 2010, I didn’t move a muscle to purchase it. I figured if I liked a song I would just download the single. Thanks to Ed Lover in the mornings on 105.1 FM radio, I’ve become acquainted with this find and I’m pleasantly pleased with Mr. Raymond again. His lyrics are saucy which in this day and age, it’s hard NOT to have music parading sexual content. The beats are always a trigger for me and it had me rocking from beginning to end and back to beginning. In his videos, Usher still exudes that sexy confidence, clever fashion style, and flashing those perfectly minted teeth. Um, he’s making me say oh my gosh!!