Love The Way You Lie – Eminem

Eminem’s resurrection with albums Relapse (2009) and Recovery (2010) has proven that our mastermind hasn’t lost any of his flavor and has rekindled that same spark that he once held within the hip hop community. His second video installment from Recovery, “Love The Way You Lie” has proven that Em still holds dominance as a clever storyteller and continues to enthrall us with his potent messages in his music. Opening with our most famous chameleon…Ms. Rihanna scorches the screen with the new scarlet coiffure with matching nails and the-oh-so-fly make-up that enhances her hazel/greens…she’s edgy and we love it! Took me a few scenes to recognize Dominic Monaghan our friendly little hobbit or better known from Lost but no doubt he delivered the wickedness of a philandering lover. Megan Fox transformed the sexy…I’m gonna kill you but kiss me first…rawness of an addictive relationship.  This one is a heavy rotator!!!

leaked eminem album 'recovery' - a blinding return to form.


One Response

  1. Whew, the video shows a lot of dysfunction, which is synonymous with Eminem. LOL

    His songs have been dark lately, I kind of miss the silly Eminem. But I guess everybody has to grown up.

    Love Ri Ri’s red hair too. :0)

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