Power of Kanye West
August 13, 2010

Hip Hop hasn’t been the same since Kanye went WEST. Most can agree whether you love or hate him, Ye’ always provides an interesting topic to be read, spoken, or watched.  In his latest video from his wondrous hit-single, “Power” Kanye has marked his return which can only be summed up in one word…innovative! This creative 90 second work-of-art was directed by Marco Brambilla and delivers a snippet from the majestical world of Mr. West…angels and demons, halos and swords, light and darkness…oh the hotness!!! He gave us a taste and reminded us that although he was in hiatus, Kanye still has the POWER to captivate legions. I’m ready and eagerly anticipating the experience from Kanye West’s forthcoming album.

Kanye West Central Hall