The Wild…Wild…West!!!
February 5, 2010

Do you remember this outburst during the Hurricane Katrina relief? Did you catch the look on Mike Myers’s face and did that look remind you of another celebrity caught off guard? Kanye West is a unique blend of genius, anger, audacity, and talent all wrapped up into an artistic form. I’ve been delighted, disgusted, ashamed, and sorrowful for him and his experiences…or should I say, antics! Was it really a surprise what he did to Taylor Swift at the VMAs?

Okay, I was appalled by his actions because the brother was crueller than Bobby Brown with that one! But I should haveĀ  remembered that Kanye was always known for speaking his mind even when it comes across as blatantly disrespectful or plainly as a spoiled brat! But these trespasses he has accounted for and has retreated to the trenches of Paris…or so I’ve heard.

But I for one am missing me some Kanye! His music is loaded with creativeness from his lyrics down to the hypnotic beats. Brother is not a bad look neither…he is most definitely handsome and I enjoy observing his style. Let’s not forget that his girl is eye-candy for the guys too! I’m hoping that Mr. West is definitely working on his next album and when he returns picks up just where he left off with 808’s & Heartbreak! Something that is fresh, unusual, and arouses his dormant fans so our last images of Kanye are forever forgotten. Still in all, I’m missing me some Wild…Wild…West!